surgerySome kind of a Twitter war erupted between Jennifer Lopez and a certain plastic surgeon who speculated, very publicly, on Twitterverse that J.Lo may have had some plastic surgery done. Of course Jenny from the block denied any such thing, tweeting back, “Sorry Sir, but I have not had any plastic surgery done” with hashtag #fact.

While J.Lo today looks drastically different from the J.Lo we’ve seen from “In Living Color”, or even from the movie ‘Anaconda” and “Out of Sight,” a closer observation would reveal the following:

* She changed her hair. She used to have really dark hair, almost black, that curled around her face. Straightening out the tight curls into soft waves and lightening her hair color gave her a totally new look.

* She lost weight. She looked more bulky when she was dancing in “In Living Color”, and that’s also partly due to the baggy 1990’s hip-hop clothing, and partly because dancing for a living requires greater muscle mass.

* She changed her makeup. She used to sport the late 90’s, Goth influenced makeup than involved dark eyebrows and dark eyeliner, with dark matte lipstick. This also was the time she was filming the Selena biopic. She lightened it all up, sticking to brown brows and more natural eye makeup. The decades after that she was seldom seen with lips that weren’t in some shade of nude. Oh, and she discovered bronzer.

* She got a tan, to match the new makeup style, probably. Whether it’s because she discovered the wonders of professional spray tanning or because lightening her hair color cast a golden glow on her Latina skin.

Put that all together, and with the help of an awesome stylist (or a hundred), J.Lo had a totally new look without necessarily having to go the surgical route. Conclusion: She didn’t have plastic surgery, she just had a makeover, and rose like a phoenix to launch a totally new career as a recording artist.