boobDid you know that there are ways to look bustier without ever having to see a plastic surgeon? We’re not even talking about push-up and padded bras, although we all probably know from experience that those wonderful contraptions work pretty darn well. We flat-chested women can always depend on our Wonderbras and Maximizers. What we’re talking about is this – there are actually clothes you can wear that can flatter and make the most of your – assets, with just a little optical illusion and quite a bit of misdirection.

Go for tops that have interesting necklines, as these do their own special kind of surgery-free breast augmentation. Peasant style tops with a scooped ruffled neckline are cute and very retro feminine vibe. Cowl and draped necklines add some volume to your front and give the illusion of bigger breasts.

Accessorize! Deck out in chunky strings of opera- and matine-length necklaces. That that iconic Coco Chanel look would be awesome. There are bib-type necklaces that add a whole lot of drama to your look, as well as making up for your less than ample bosom — just make sure that it covers the greater part of your chest, and have the lowest point at least reach the bottom of your sternum.

But should you decide you do want to get an actual boob job, see Dr. Hall in Austin or Suria in South Florida.