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vienfreeOnce women reach their mid 20s, they start experiencing common problems like bloating of varicose veins or spider veins that appear on the face and legs. They are actually broken or distorted blood vessels that can be vividly noticed with bare eyes. Such veins are certainly not a very pleasant sight and hence many women would like to clear such a problem painlessly.
The solution to this is laser vein treatment in San Antonio. This type of treatment is a branch of plastic of cosmetic surgery whereby the veins are made to disappear through laser treatments. This medical solution to ugly veins is voted as the best because it is fast and safe. The process involves heating up the broken vessels in the body and gradually destroying them one by one.

Previously, a treatment called Sclerotherapy, was used to cure spider veins According to this method, a thin needle is injected and the veins are compressed gradually till they are almost invisible. Some women have experienced pain and hence an alternative method evolved in the field of cosmetic surgery- Laser treatments.

According to the laser vein treatment in San Antonio, one or more laser treatments will be used to reduce the vascular protrusions and the distorted blood vessels in the body. Slow and steady laser courses are enabled to clear the veins in an easy manner. The treatments could cost between $180 to almost $450 per leg. If the desired results are not achieved, then repeated laser sessions will have to be continued. Depending on the degree of disfigured and vivid vessels, the laser sessions will be repeated.

Laser vein treatment in San Antonio is highly recommended due to the following reasons:
1. You do not have to get admitted in the hospital.
2. No rest period is required for this procedure.
3. Absolutely no stitches are required and therefore no anaesthesia is needed.
4. Since no hospitalization is needed, leave from work or loss of pay will not pose to be a problem
5. Cheaper compared to other laser procedures, no bruises or scars
6. Perform all normal activities as usual.
7. End result is a beautiful and smooth complexion face or leg or thigh.

The plastic surgeon will look at the intensity of the spider vein or varicose vein formation and then determine the most optimum number of times; a laser treatment should be performed on the patient.

Such treatments are certainly not a necessity but that is totally dependent on one’s perception of beauty and outward appearance. But, in some cases, such problems have created swellings, pain and all sorts of discomfort to women. In such situations, a laser vein treatment is inevitable.

Any lady is eligible for such medical treatments. Exceptions arise in the following situations:
1) If they are pregnant
2) They are advised not to perform such procedures for medical reasons
3) If they are prone to continuous incidents of blood clots.

Once the vein treatment is over, almost all patients have a big relief from the excruciating pain formed due to the swelling veins and of course a highly noticeable improvement of their face, thighs and legs.

Although, no special medications are not necessary after laser procedures doctors mostly recommend to wear compression stockings when you go for work and not to engage in any hard work. This should be followed for about 3 months.
Since the medical field is developing better technologies every hour of the day, you can expect even more hassle free laser and pain free vein treatments as time passes.